The Incredible Science Behind Creature Design


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Creature design is more than drawing what comes into your head. It is a combination of zoology and paleontology that partners with acting, character development, and story that results in an imaginary world that seems real. In this session, through her concept work from various productions, Terryl Whitlatch will demonstrate how this works in the world of Disney Feature Animation and Lucasfilm.

From there we will do a CTN exclusive: the design of creatures to fit an original, never before seen story from The Tales of Amalthea—The Arctic Abyss.

In this exciting venue, we will examine how and why the creatures are designed the way they are, not only to believably exist in their harsh environment, but above all, to fit the story roles they need to play.<br/>

These are the principles of creature design that apply to all aspects of the Entertainment Industry—from film, television, games, or publishing—that you may find yourself in.

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