Photoshop Painting Tips for Digital Artists- Esben Rasmusse


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Editor’s note: This video is a CTN “Best of the Web” pick originally posted on Dec 13, 2020.


This is the 2nd part of Esben’s Leyendecker tutorial. In part 1 you got to see him sketch out the concept of the character in Leyendecker’s style. In this lesson he takes Jett and refines the sketch further before completing the piece by painting it. As you watch you’ll get insights into Esben’s thought process on painting along with style tips and photoshop tricks that artists can use to replicate a more traditional look.


Artist Proko

Stan Proko is an artist and teacher. His channel Proko is a resource for artists where he has guest artists from the industry demo, draw, and talk about their work.


Artist Esben Rasmussen

Esben Rasmussen is a Copenhagen-based illustrator & concept artist working in the entertainment industry. He is a Senior Illustrator for Riot Games.




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For more visit the artists' channels, Proko and Esben Lash.

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