MASTER MEETUP: Meet the Creative Team Behind NAMOO


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Sponsored by: Baobab Studios

Originally recorded LIVE at CTNX 2021: 

November 18, 11 am - 12 pm PST


Sponsored By : Baobab Studios


Join Baobab Studios founders Eric Darnell, Maureen Fan and Larry Cutler as they talk about the creation of their studio and early days of VR and immersive storytelling vis-a-vis their journey creating multiple Emmy Award-winning projects, from Invasion! to Baba Yaga. They will chat with attendees and answer any questions about their studio, projects and state of the industry. They will then be followed by Namoo writer/director Erick Oh, and several key artists and creative leads from this latest Baobab production, as they talk about the making of this hand-crafted narrative poem as they greet attendees and answer questions in a conversational and more casual setting.



Erick Oh, Writer/Director of Namoo

Anika Nagpal, Creative Development

Tracey Miller-Zarneke, Moderator

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