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A Conversation with
Bruce Zick


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CTN sits down with Bruce Zick an animation feature film Production Designer, Visual Development Artist, Screenplay Writer, Graphic Novel Creator and Magazine and Book Illustrator. ...

I Draw for a Living


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A creative discussion on drawing with Borja Montoro Cavero, Shiyoon Kim, Cory Loftis, and Kim Jung Gi, moderated by Bobby Chiu....

A Conversation with Jason Scheier


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A Conversation with Concept Artist and Design Instructor Jason Scheier Shot on location at IAMAG17 by CTNanimationexpo Video...

CTN Fast FAQs Tickets

CTN Tutorials

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CTNX Tickets a breakdown of what comes with what ticket, as well as finding out how to buy tickets....

Designing Characters with Digital Paint


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Painting is not just a way to finish off designs, but can be used as a tool even in early design development. Sam teaches some theory and techniques that transform digital painting into a fast and ...

Sumi Brush Quick Sketch 2

Louie del Carmen

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Almost three minute sketch using a brush pen filled with 75/25 Sumi/water solution on memo pad - Finished off with Sumi wash...

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The catalyst for talent and the annual meeting of the Creative Talent Network membership is open to the public.  CTN is located in Burbank CA, the only city on the planet with more animation s...

On Model

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DRAW VERBS, NOT NOUNS   Join us for 2 hours of character sketching from a live model. Get inside the character. Analysis drawing and translating what you see to what you design.  ...

Toon Boom

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For the past 20 years, Toon Boom has been changing the animation world one production at a time. As makers of the industry's premier storyboarding and animation software, Toon Boom sets the sta...

Animation Collaborative

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The Animation Collaborative, based in Emeryville, California, aims to serve the San Francisco Bay Area with premiere animation and art/design training. We provide a la carte story, design, and anim...

Breaking Through

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BRIAN MAINOLFI has been working in Hollywood for 28 years, for nearly every studio in town. He started as assistant to legendary director Chuck Jones, and has worked at Walt Disney, Dreamworks, and...


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Let ideas be your roadmap. ...