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Tyrus Wong - The Brushstrokes of Hollywood


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By invitation please join us for this very special event where family, friends, peers and co-workers celebrate the world and the career of Tyrus Wong. One of the original development artists workin...

Conceptual Sketching

Brainstorm School

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Conceptual Sketching Demo with Concept Designer Eric Ng...

A Day in the World of Stephan Franck


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From my early childhood devouring comics in my parent’s book store to a 27-year career as a professional animator / writer / director / comics creator for major studios and international publ...

A Conversation with Matt Doering


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CTN sits down with Character designer Matt Doering....

Social Media Changing Artists Lives

CTNX 2020

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Animation Artist Audrey Gonzalez talks about how social media changes artists lives...

Katherine Dallimore - Making an animated short film and Working after graduation


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Interview with artist Katherine Dallimore about the making of her short animated film and the creation of Watt Productions....

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Beyond Craft

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  Beyond Craft is a collection of thoughts from a career in animation, live action and the literary realm. STORY and IMAGE is an amazing one of a kind five-part lecture series with weekly ...

A Deep Dive into and Around the Edges of CG

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Are you interested in creating CG content? Are you wondering what kind of roles a CG artist plays in video games, films and animation and where you could fit in? Want to know about the latest tools...

Live Demonstrations

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  Watching how other artists create their work is a wonderful way to absorb the knowledge and inspiration....

Ronald Searle

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    Ronald Searle was a British artist widely recognized for his watercolors and satirical cartoons. Often depicting contemporary and historical culture, his works exhibit a uniqu...

Inside the Animators Studio

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    With Legenday Animator and Director James Lopez Artists learn from artists and animators learn from other animators. And animator is different than a development artist, o...


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  Artists learn from other artists. In this channel you can watch and learn while absorbing the knowedge from these experienced pros on a variety of topics....