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An evening with Laika CEO/animator Travis Knight, hosted by The Bancroft Brothers


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Travis Knight (CEO, Founder, Director, and Animator at Laika Studios), with an introduction by the Bancroft Bros....

Pete Docter - Inside the Creative Community: The Power and Process of Animated Film - 09/28/15


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Editor’s note: This video is a CTN “Best of the Web” pick originally posted on Sept 28, 2015.   Pixar film Director, animator, screenwriter and voice actor Pete Docte...

Creating Hortense - Maquette Sculpting and Painting by Tall Tales Productions

Live Demonstrations

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Editor’s note: This video is a CTN “Best of the Web” pick originally posted on June 8, 2018.   Video Process by Tall Tales Productions going over how to sculpt and pa...

The Art of PEARL


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Academy Award®-winning director Patrick Osborne presents the art and design of PEARL, a Google Spotlight Story. Together with Production Designer Tuna Bora and Character Designer Oren Haskins, ...

Making Animation for INSTAGRAM! Adobe Animate

Live Demonstrations

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Editor’s note: This video is a CTN “Best of the Web” pick originally posted on May 4, 2018   Video tutorial by BaM Animation on how to design characters and create a ...

Awarding Individual Achievement: Animation Excellence in Television


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This is an opportunity to meet multi-Emmy winning Academy Primetime Animation Governors and Individual Achievement winners.  We will share what goes into creating and discerning excellence and...

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Beyond Craft

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  Beyond Craft is a collection of thoughts from a career in animation, live action and the literary realm. STORY and IMAGE is an amazing one of a kind five-part lecture series with weekly ...


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Sketchbooks are a place of exploration, to study different techniques, create color palettes, and keep a collection of visuals that INSPIRE you.  CTN Sketchbooks focuses on the vast creativity...

Breaking Through

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    BRIAN MAINOLFI has been working in Hollywood for 28 years, for nearly every studio in town. He started as assistant to legendary director Chuck Jones, and has worked at Walt D...

CTNX 2021

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  Celebrating 13 years in Burbank and annually attracting more than 10,000 animation professionals, fans, and entertainment studios, CTNX 2021 is was a post COVID-19 weekend in-person, onl...

Primary Sources

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  Primary Source (pry-mer-ee sorhs) - adjective / noun:  First-hand accounts of a subject or experience from those who had a direct impact with it.   Join award-wi...

Flourish with Casey Robin: Make a Living With Your Art

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We all dream of making a living in art – so why does it seem so daunting? If you’re afraid that you won’t be able to “make it,” you’re in good company. Most indu...