T.V. Storyboard Survival

Dive into the nitty gritty with storyboarding for TV.  This two hour lecture will provide you with specific entry level job advice and insight into what the industry is really looking for, portfolio tips for extra polish and more.
Beginner Tip: One thing directors and supervisors don’t talk about is in editorial you NEED to punch in all the time (to cheat out mistakes or tangents, cam shake, add adjusts) to do that you NEED more picture! If everything is framed too tightly you don’t have any ‘play room’ in editorial. So framing wider makes good cinematic sense but is also good for solving technical editorial problems." ~Mike Moloney
MICHAEL MOLONEY is an experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the animation industry, and is currently at Titmouse. He is skilled in Storyboarding, Storyboard Pro, Character Animation, After Effects, and Flash Animation.
Mikes Suggested Resource List CLICK HERE


TV Storyboards: A Survival Guide with Mike Moloney

T.V. Storyboard Survival

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Sponsored by CTN   Originally recorded from a LIVE Zoom Meeting: June 15, 2020.   A Presentation Q&A/Talk   Instagram https://www.instagram.c...