Artella was envisioned by the founders and team who brought you Animation Mentor — The Online Animation School. After years of mentoring artists they stepped back to ask, “What would happen if there was a way to unite talent to work on incredible projects no matter where they lived?” which quickly led them to, “What if the next great studio was global, ran by creatives and located in your home?” That's when the journey began.
They decided to test their theory by making a global production and found out it was an incredibly difficult challenge to solve — and it wasn't fun. So they decided to make a platform from the ground up designed for artists every step of the way. With the support of the creative community — testing, refining and confirming that distributed production can both be done and a lot of fun — Artella was born.


DUEL - created on Artella


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46 artists from 16 countries collaborated through the Artella platform to make DUEL as the show opening short film for the 2016 CTN Animation Expo. ...