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Episode 3 - Animation (1/2) | Gigglebug Behind the Scenes


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We met Gigglebug Enternainment team in Finland! They show you how they have been creating the season 2 of Gigglebug animated series. Let's explain the animation process! Learn more about Gi...

Kim Jung Gi Book Signing 2017


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Kim Jung Gi Book Signing. June 16, 2017...

DUEL - created on Artella


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46 artists from 16 countries collaborated through the Artella platform to make DUEL as the show opening short film for the 2016 CTN Animation Expo. ...

The Future Has Arrived


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In this session, you will learn how to create, market and distribute your own creative content for little or no money, how to cultivate authentic relationships in online creative communities and ho...

The Way of the Unstarving Artist: How I Built a Six-Figure Business Doodling


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Ever wonder how you can make money doing your own art? Globally popular cartoonist and published author Molly Hahn gives the inside scoop on how she built her income-generating business from the gr...

STEEL NOODLES No.3 Single Panel Pencil Demo

Louie del Carmen

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Line art for a single panel on book 3 of my comic STEEL NOODLES. Done in Adobe Photoshop CS3 using a custom texture brush. Recorded on via Camtasia 2 on Feb 27, 2014...

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Syd Mead

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Sydney Jay Mead (July 18, 1933 – December 30, 2019) was an American industrial designer and neofuturistic concept artist, widely known for his designs for science-fiction films such as Blade ...


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The catalyst for talent and the annual meeting of the Creative Talent Network membership is open to the public.  CTN is located in Burbank CA, the only city on the planet with more animation s...

Taught By A Pro

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Taught By A Pro (.com) presents the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast.   Hosted by twin brothers, Tom and Tony Bancroft, who are former Disney animators and directors, this podcast is ch...

Tonko House

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In early 2012, art directors Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo found themselves searching for ways to expand upon their filmmaking experience in Pixar’s art department. They decided to write and...


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Conceived and launched in 2004 by 30-year animation professional and award winning animator Tina Price. CTN stands as the seminal international community for the worlds leading creators of both tra...


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TVPaint Animation is a complete and versatile software dedicated to drawing, storyboarding and to 2D traditional animation. The software is born in 1991, at the beginning of digital painting and 2D...