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Boo Hoo
Part 2


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Part Two of Two of an in-depth look and analysis of emotional acting in both animated and live action films and how it can be applied to our animation.   Please note this lecture is TW...

A Conversation with Iain McCaig


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CTN sits down with Concept Designer Iain McCaig....

An Animation Tour de' Force: A Career Interview with John Kricfalusi


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An interview with the cartoon design and story innovator affectionately known as John "K". Hang on for this ride as we roller coaster though his amazing career starting from being a mente...

A Session for Filmmakers: The Creative Process Behind Contré Temps


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A beautifully animated and rendered CGI short film about a  long-submerged city, and a man who is obsessed by the passing of time. Meet the talented team behind this stunning work. Done as...

Bancroft Bros Podcast #01- Who are Tom and Tony?

Taught By A Pro

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The Bancroft Bros discuss their careers, Mom’s Sex Talk, Dreamwork’s Animation, the future of 2D animation, and Glen Keane’s “DUET” animated short for Google, and Q an...

An Evening with
Glen Keane


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Powered by: Glen Keane...

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Tonko House

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In early 2012, art directors Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo found themselves searching for ways to expand upon their filmmaking experience in Pixar’s art department. They decided to write and...


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Let ideas be your roadmap. ...

Bobby Chiu

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Interviews, vblogging, demos... anything and everything that's helpful for any artist...


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TVPaint Animation is a complete and versatile software dedicated to drawing, storyboarding and to 2D traditional animation. The software is born in 1991, at the beginning of digital painting and 2D...

Animation Collaborative

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The Animation Collaborative, based in Emeryville, California, aims to serve the San Francisco Bay Area with premiere animation and art/design training. We provide a la carte story, design, and anim...


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Artella was envisioned by the founders and team who brought you Animation Mentor — The Online Animation School. After years of mentoring artists they stepped back to ask, “What would ha...